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They are professionals (obstetric nurses or certified midwives) specialized in monitoring low risk pregnancies and childbirth, who trust on thephysiological nature of birth and the ability of women to gestate another life, giving birth naturally with all that is inherent to the female gender. At t hesame time they offer a sensitive and individualized care. They are trained to use appropriate technology if necessary, ensuring care and safety.

Until the middle of last century most of humanity was born inside their homes, attended mostly by traditional midwives. The institutionalization ofbirths brought large gains in terms of security, especially in those high-risk pregnancies, where the mother and / or baby needed support and advancedtechnology. However, the return to the hospital also brought negative consequences, such as unnecessary medicalization and iatrogenic births,bringing to the stage of birth elements that today science identifies as harmful to the physiological birth: a gynecological position, episiotomy (cutting thevagina / perineum), serum with oxytocin to increase contractions, the cold environment (air conditioning), excess light and stimulus, the separation ofmothers and babies after delivery, loneliness with isolation from family / caregivers, and others . Who among us has never heard a tragic story of a"normal" birth?

Mariana, mãe de Benjamin, esposa de Fernandoo 13/05

Intenso. Expectativa enorme para o grande momento, mas nunca em dúvida se daria tudo certo. Ansiedade. Como vai ser? Vai doer? Vai lacerar? Vai demorar?

Ana Esperança, mãe da Ana Rosa 12/05

Quero compartilhar com vocês essa experiência que tive que foi se não a mais intensa e emocionante da minha vida, uma das maiores.

Elisa, mãe do Heitor 24/06

Eu sentia que ele não ia demorar. Iara, minha parteira, sentia o mesmo. Heitor crescia dentro de mim, e eu estava só esperando a hora de ele chegar.

Camila, mãe de Iara 06/05

Por que parir em casa? Minha casa, meu lugar de poder. Eu não poderia jamais institucionalizar uma experiência tão intensa.

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